Killearn Cottagers' Horticultural Society


Photograph of Neil Metcalfe welcoming visitors
KCHS Chairman Neil Metcalfe welcomes visitors to the 148th show.

On the last Saturday of August every year Killearn Cottagers Horticultural Society hold their annual flower show filling the Village Hall with cut flowers, floral art, fruit & vegetables along with pot plants. The Church Hall just across the car park hosts the crafts, baking, preserves and children's sections. The 148th Annual Show was held on Saturday 30th August. A selection of pictures of the day can be seen on the photos page

After a record number of entries in 2013 would 2014 be the same - unfortunately not but with 846 entries over the varied amount of classes both exhibitors and visitors turned out to make another outstanding Show. The trophy winners came not only from Killearn but from the surrounding area. A large exhibit of dahlias in Section "A" saw Balloch grower William McFarlane receive the Tom Robbie trophy for most points in the dahlia classes as well as the Blair trophy for most points in the cut flower section.

Killearn resident Heather Wright won both the Murray cup and the Findlay cup in the floral art with Margo Walker from Balfron winning class B7 - daisy type flower arrangement - stopping a clean sweep.

With some fine exhibits in the pot plant section David Houston from Killearn won the Battison Cup for most points whilst show convenor Grant Farquharson received best exhibit in the section.

With over two hundred exhibits on the fruit & veg tables the trophies were shared amongst Bill Stewart (Balfron), Walter MacGowan (Killearn) with Thornhill grower Norman McBean taking the Glengoyne Cup for best exhibit with three superb blanched leeks. This class had no less than seven entries.

The Judges decided that the Quinloch decanter for best exhibit in Horticulture would go to the tuberous begonia from Grant Farquharson.

Across in the Church hall a mouth-watering selection of baking on the tables in both adult and children's classes were seen, especially the given recipe of "lemon drizzle cake" - Dorothy Pattenden's finest - this class was won by Wendy Denton whose daughter Kim won the McIntosh cup in the children's classes. The Cuthbert family salver for most points went to Jane McLaren.

A jar of honey from bee-keeper Ben Somerville (Balfron Station) was judged to be (no pun intended) the best exhibit in the preserves section with the McFarlanes voucher going to Florence MacDonald for most points. Elderflower cordial was the chosen flavour to win the best exhibit in the wine, beer & cordials section for Kathleen Wright.

Marjorie Thomson exhibited a lovely embroidered picture in the Crafts to win best exhibit with Heather Wright receiving the Millenium Quaich for most points.

A selection of miniature gardens - seed tray size - saw Katherine Rees, Amy Wright & Innes Dunlop win their respective age groups with Zoe Laughrey showing the most amusing craft entry.

Balfron resident Alistair Ritchie made it a clean sweep in the photographic section with best exhibit and most points. The art classes resulted in Glenda Asquith and Heather Wright sharing the spoils in this section.

Once again we were well supported by the pupils from Killearn Primary who along with pupils from Aberfoyle Primary showed a wonderful range of paintings. This age group were joined by children from the Killearn nurseries who exhibited a range from floral art to vegetables.

The 149th Show will take place on Saturday 29th August 2015. The 150th Show will take place in the Village Hall and the Church Halls on Saturday 27th August 2016.

Section A - Cut Flowers

Photograph of some of the best rose exhibits
A selection of the Roses on display

Sir George Wilson Rose Bowl - Best Exhibit in Roses
Mrs J. McLaren (Balfron)
Tom Robbie Trophy - Most Points in Dahlias
W. McFarlane
The Blair Trophy - Most Points in Section A
W. McFarlane
Best Exhibit:
  • Herbaceous
    Mrs J. McLaren (Balfron)
  • Sweet Peas
    D. Watson
  • Annuals
    Mrs J. McLaren Balfron)
  • Spray Chrysanths
    G. W. Farquharson
  • Section A
    W. McFarlane

Section B - Floral Art

Photograph of winner of Best Exhibit in Section B
Best Exhibit in Floral Art

Floral Cup - Best Exhibit in Section B
Mrs H. Wright
Robertson Trophy - Best exhibit class B3
Mrs M. Walker
Findlay Cup - Most Points in Section
Mrs H. Wright

Section C - Pot Plants

Special Prize, best pot plant
G. W. Farquharson
Special Prize, best Exhibit in Fuchsias classes
Mrs S. McIntyre
Battison Cup - Most Points in Section C
D. Houston

Section D - Vegetables & Fruit

Photograph of Norman McBean with The Glengoyne Cuo
Norman McBean winner of the Glengoyne Cup

MacGowan Trowel - Most points Sections D7-D13, Leeks & Onions
Bill Stewart
Dunkyan Trophy - Best exhibit Section D34
W. MacGowan
Gordon Trophy - Basket of Plenty
W. MacGowan
Society Trowel - Most points in Section D
B. Stewart
Stevenson Cup - Best Exhibit in Section D
N. McBean
Quinloch Decanter - Best Exhibit in Horticulture
G. W. Farquharson
Mega Marrow - Heaviest Marrow
R. MacDonlad

Section E - Baking

Photograph of entries in the baking
Some of the exhibits in the Baking Section

Cuthbert Family Salver - Most Points in Classes E1-E15
Mrs J. McLaren (Arnprior)
Brass Quaich Best Exhibit - Classes E1-E15
Mrs D. Pattenden
Convener's Gift Special Prize Class E7 (Given Recipe)
Mrs W. Denton
McIntosh Cup - Most Points E20-E3s (Youth)
Ms K. Denton

Section F - Preserves

McFarlanes, voucher - Most Points in Section F
F. McDonald
Preserves Clock - Best Exhibit
B. Somerville

Section G - Wine, Beer & Cordials

WBC Cup, Best Exhibit in Section G
K. Wright

Section H - Craft

Photograph of a best entry in Craft section
Best entry in Craft - own design Embroidered Picture

Millennium Quaich - Most Points Classes H1-H17
Mrs H. Wright
Best Exhibit Classes H1-H17
M. Thomson
J. Wright Cup - Most Amusing Craft Entry
Mrs H. Wright
Most Amusing Youth Craft Entry (youth)
Z. Laughrey
Best Exhibit Class H35
K. Rees
Best Exhibit Class H36
A. Wright
Best Exhibit Class H38
I. Dunlop

Photograph of painting which won "Best in Art"
Best in Art

Section J - Photographic

Society Jubilee Quaich - Best Exhibit
A. Ritchie
Most Points in Section J
A. Ritchie

Section K - Art

Society Prize, Best Exhibit
Mrs G. Asquith
Most Points in Section K
Mrs H. Wright
Best Teen Exhibit Classes K3-4
No entries this year - a challenge for next year?

The Gardens of Killearn

Twice every year - once in Spring and again in Summer we appoint a Judge and drive around Killearn looking at all the gardens judging them as seen from the road. In addition the Leonora Murray Trophy for "Hidden" Gardens is awarded to the best garden not normally visible.

The following were the results;

1st - Mrs Chambers.
2nd - Mr & Mrs Lilburn.
3rd - Mr & Mrs A. Young.
1st (Mrs Ewen Cameron Cup) - Mr J Phillips.
2nd - Mr & Mrs Jackson.
3rd - Mr & Mrs McColl.
1st (Leonora Murray Trophy) - Mrs M. Knotenbelt.
2nd - Mr & Mrs D. Burt.
3rd - Mr & Mrs J. Wilson.

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