Killearn Cottagers' Horticultural Society

2010 Show Report

Photograph of Ian McGowan welcoming visitors to the 2009 Show
Chairman Ian McGowan welcomes visitors to the show

The 144th Annual Show, which was held on Saturday 28 August 2010 in the Village and Church Halls, was a great succes. There were 815 entries in the various categories, a record for the show, with 229 entries in the fruit and vegetable section alone. Exhibitors came from far and wide with representatives from most of the villages in rural west Stirlingshire and also from Stirling, Milngavie and Kirkintilloch.

There was a magnificent display in the baking section where Gladys Farquharson took the award for best exhibit with her fruit loaf. In the large fruit and vegetable section Balfron exhibitor Bill Stewart took the award for best exhibit with his blanched leeks. Bill's leeks were then judged against the best pot plant (fuchsia) and best cut flower vase (chrysanths) and again triumphed to win the Quinloch Decanter for the best exhibit in Horticulture.

Killearn exhibitor John Phillips won the Tom Robbie cup for most points in the Dahlias classes in the Cut Flowers section and also the Blair Trophy for the most points in the section. There were increased entries in the youth classes of the Floral Art section with some imaginative displays exhibited. Photography continued to be well supported with Iain Wright winning best exhibit with his photograph of the cats Magnus and Duffle.

Show Chairman Iain McGowan was delighted with the large entry and on behalf of the Committee would like to thank all the exhibitors and helpers who made the day one to remember.

The trophy and major prizewinners are listed below along with some photos of their exhibits; more pictures of the day can be seen on the photos page.

Section A - Cut Flowers

Photograph of Best Exhibit in Roses
Best Exhibit in Roses

Sir George Wilson Rose Bowl - Best Exhibit in Roses
G. W. Farquharson - Balfron
Tom Robbie Trophy - Most Points in Dahlias
J. Phillips - Killearn
The Blair Trophy - Most Points in Section A
Mrs. J. Phillips - Killearn
Best Exhibit:
  • Sweet Peas
    A. Watson
  • Annuals
    Mrs J. McLaren with a vase of mixed annuals
  • Spray Chrysanths
    M. Crombie
  • Section A
    W. Robertson (Chrysanths)

Section B - Floral Art

Photograph of winner of Best Exhibit in Section B
Best Exhibit in Floral Art

Floral Cup - Best Exhibit in Section B
Mrs G, Asquith- Killearn
Robertson Trophy - Best exhibit class B3
S. Bell
Findlay Cup - Most Points in Section
S. Bell
Society Shield - Best exhibit in class B20
J. Bell

Section C - Pot Plants

Photograph of prize winning Fuchsia
Best Exhibit in Fuchsia classes

Best entry in Section
Mrs S. McIntyre with her Fuchsia
Best Exhibit in Fuchsias classes
Mrs S. McIntyre
Battison Cup - Most Points in Section C
G. W. Farquharson - Balfron

Section D - Vegetables & Fruit

Photograph of prize winning leeks, best exhibit in horticulture
Best Blanched Leeks and Best Exhibit in Horticulture

MacGowan Trowel - Most points Sections D7-D13, Leeks & Onions
W. Stewart
Dunkyan Trophy - Best exhibit Section D33, Collection of 6 Vegetables
W. MacGowan - Killearn
Gordon Trophy - Basket of Plenty
W. MacGowan - Killearn
Society Trowel - Most in Section D
W. Stewart
Stevenson Cup - Best Exhibit in Section D
W. Stewart
Quinloch Decanter - Best Exhibit in Horticulture
W. Stewart

Section E - Baking

Cuthbert Family Salver - Most Points in Classes E1-E13
Mrs J. Young
Best Exhibit - Classes E1-E13
Mrs G, Farquharson
Convener's Gift Special Prize Class E7
Mrs G. Farquharson
McIntosh Cup - Most Points E20-E33
M. McVicar

Section F - Preserves

McFarlanes, Balfron - Most Points in Section F
Mrs J. Dymond
Preserves Clock - Best Exhibit
A. Cairns

Section G - Wine, Beer & Cordials

Best Exhibit in Section G
Mrs C. North (Sloe Gin)

Section H - Craft

Millennium Quaich - Most Points Classes H1-H16
Mrs G. Asquith
Best Exhibit Classes H1-H16
Mrs G. Asquith
Society Prize - Most Points - Classes H32-H35
H. McLellan and B. Taylor
J. Wright Cup - Most Amusing Craft Entry
P. Wilks
Best Exhibit Class H 36
I. Dunlop
Best Exhibit Class H 38
C. Nuttal
Most Amusing Youth Craft Entry (youth)
J. and A. Cushing

Section J - Photographic

Society Jubilee Quaich - Best Exhibit
I. Wright
Most Points in Section J
W. Bezuidewholt

Section K - Art

Best Exhibit
A. McLellan
Most Points in Section K
A. McLellan
Best Teenage Exhibit - Classes K3/K4
C. Nuttal

The Gardens of Killearn

Twice every year - once in Spring and again in Summer we appoint a Judge and drive around Killearn looking at all the gardens judging them as seen from the road.

This was the third year for the new class for the hidden gardens and the first year a trophy, the Leonora Murray Trophy, was presented for this class. Again there were many entries, giving the judge a difficult task with so many lovely hidden treasures to look at.

The following were the results;

1st - Dunnaway, Station Road.
2nd - Lilburn, Lampson Road.
3rd - Breschia, Drumbeg Loan.
1st (Mrs Ewen Cameron Cup) - Leaning, Napier Road.
2nd - Burt, Allan Road.
3rd - Harvey, Buchanan Road.
1st (Leonora Murray Trophy) - Davis, Main Street.
2nd - Blackmore, Main Street.
3rd - Duncan, Graham Road.

Mega Marrow

We like to introduce new competitions. In 2008 the challenge was to grow the heaviest marrow and this contest was repeated in 2010. The winner was as follows;

Mega Marrows
First - W. MacGowan

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